laexdream: from the beginning this was my role... (madoka)


[+3]*received from Kazu: cinderella01, crowanima06, mechanic03 [LINK]
[+8]*received as starter: bloody06, bloody18, shy12, okikurumi02, maestro12, manipulate01, blaster09, ditzy13 [LINK]
[+3]*received from yun: asteria02, stylist17, touchthis19 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to Coloring Book 69: manipulate01 [LINK]

[+1]*received from byakkun: bloody01 [LINK]
[+2]*received as bonus: bond08, ore-sama12 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: hide04, cure03 [LINK]
[+12]*received from february releases: yamabuki04, usagi01, gouf04, norimaki04, round08, piglet19, susanoh13, sevendays20, mercurial12, valuable17, mooncell07, bloody02 [LINK]
[+2]*received from kazu: gnaw03, pinkbow17 [LINK]
[+3]*received from yun: whiteclown05, eternity11, closest10 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to kazu: yamabuki04 [LINK]
[~3]*traded usagi01, gouf04, norimaki04 for ares04, magedom13, suzumori04 with kazu: [LINK]


[+1]*received from arianne: bloody19 [LINK]
[+1]*received from poland: mechanic01 [LINK]

[+1]*received from furfrou: bigpuppy08 [LINK]
[+6]*received from recycling: cameraman15, hiwa07, hiwa14, one07, odyssey06, odyssey11 [LINK]

[+2]*received from game: loveyou08, primo08 [LINK]
[+1]*received from empanadas: natsuo19 [LINK]

[+1]*received from game: rosetta07 [LINK]
[+1]*received from kazu: loleus19 [LINK]

[+2]*received from game: oblique02, seychelles19 [LINK]
[+1]*received from Sky: piglet05 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: question03, daddypon09 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: pomegranate08, hamster17, blueking04, phoenix11 [LINK]
[+1]*received from headset: one01 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: captain13, corn08, yamabuki11, kita16 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: prinny14, strength10, superhuman10, frown05 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: mechapilots16, twig06, harmony16, rumraisen06 [LINK]
[~2]*traded yamabuki11, frown05 for negi12, loleus05 with kazu: [LINK]

[+12]*received from march releases: sigma18, calamity03, louvre20, whatapain09, nil06, girl03, setz11, everafter09, lavaorb15, dissonance14, millenia18, autozam04 [LINK]
[~1]*traded ore-sama12 for regain13 with sky: [LINK]
[-1]*gave to sky: lavaorb15 [LINK]

[~1]*traded everafter09 for memorized07 with kazu: [LINK]
[~3]*traded calamity03, nil6 and setz11 for assassin18, okikurumi14, deathzone20 with yun: [LINK]
[~1]*traded dissonance14 for izanagi13 with yun: [LINK]
[+6]*obtained from recycled pile: admin05, revive12, silverblade09, unlimited13, snacks16, mechanic19 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: gravity18, lockedin19, catgirl03, youcopy01 [LINK]
[+3(+1c)]*received from donating deck: g-1210, schism13, megane20, yellow crayon [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: ciaossu03, powerful16, tactless07, moderator16 [LINK]

[+1]*received from miyoungie: swordia16 [LINK]
[~2]*traded hide04 and lockedin19 for autozam02 and bigpuppy12 with miyoungie: [LINK]
[+8]*received from game: collider14, blueribbon03, 2-A01, spiritmagic03, luxury01, permafrost06, babylon02, names08 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: nekopunch15, protect09 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: bold19, stress11, amour14 [LINK]
[-7]*gave to Pot of Gold: youcopy01, loveyou08, okikurumi14, question03, snacks16, silverblade09, revive12 [LINK]

[+3]*received from game: bofu05, elemio09, purify02 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: world-class16, machine20, disciplinary01 [LINK]
[~2]*traded whatapain09 and harmony16 for boxer20 and tri-edge03 with heartbeams: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: swallow15, oracle11, pig19, weakness08 [LINK]
[~2]*traded bond08 and g-1210 for bigpuppy06 and mechanic09 with hoppip: [LINK]
[+1]*received from hoppip: adeptrogue10 [LINK]
[~2]*traded kita16 and tactless07 for deathzone15 and round07 with kuranosuke: [LINK]
[~1]*traded schism13 for loleus04 with adurotum: [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: calnus05, ulster17, non-human15 [LINK]

[~2]*traded strength10 and catgirl03 for magedom02 and mechanic20 with admiral: [LINK]
[~2]*traded nekopunch15 and blueking04 for zanarkand17 and juniorjr10 with moon_wolf: [LINK]
[~1]*traded boxer20 for serena05 with kazu: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: babied01, beatjumper17, forensics06, grafeisen10 [LINK]

[+6]*received from game: badges02, newton16, s-class14, rip-off13, tuning12, marbirthday04 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: empath20, moonlight03, goodnight06, artist10, genome04 [LINK]
[~1]*traded babied01 for shark04 with kazu: [LINK]
[+6]*received from recycled art: extinction06, assertive09, bench01, bigpuppy09, fishanima11, eyepatch19 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: obey12, austria03, bio-weapon01 [LINK]
[-1]*gave extinction06 to kazu: [LINK]

[+6]*received from game: shimabara16, execute06, izumo05, accounts19, raildex02, tao06 [LINK]
[~2]*traded weakness08 and names08 for odyssey02 and riddles14 with kazu: [LINK]
[~4]*traded stress11, obey12, blueribbon03, tuning12 for chairman10, cinderella14, juniorjr07, memorized20 with yun: [LINK]
[~1]*traded goodnight06 for mooncell16 with yun: [LINK]

[~1]*traded oracle11 for apprentice03 with scaleless: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: heaven20, wickedeye11, musicboxes04, self-help18 [LINK]

[~1]*traded apprentice03 for ares15 with sky: [LINK]
[+2(+1c)]*received from art shop: red13, pyrokinesis14 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: resemblance03, heal07, candy16 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: tactless07, g-8909 [LINK]

[~2]*traded resemblance03 and rumraisin06 for swordia05 and summoner15 with magaru: [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: highly02, musicians12, workaholic06 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: bishoujo10, conquer06 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: hide03, colonel19 [LINK]

[~1]*traded collider14 for aries19 with furfrou: [LINK]
[+1]*received from art studio: zero07 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: apos15, blackrose17, legendary09 [LINK]

[~1]*traded blackrose17 for bigpuppy02 with kiri: [LINK]

[+2]*received from game: oddjobs15, scientists01 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: acewitches06, moscow19 [LINK]

[~3]*traded babylon02, non-human15 and luxury01 for aries15, aries11, and aries08 with lily: [LINK]
[~1]*traded prinny14 for keyblade17 with cedar: [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: acrobatics09, melodrama06, bartender07, silenthero08, precipices15 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: dragon18, dresses10, newspaper03, companions19 [LINK]
[~1]*traded silenthero08 for odyssey13 with kuranosuke: [LINK]
[~3]*traded megane20, bold19, seychelles19 for knightmare05, detective20, restore14 with kati: [LINK]
[+2]*received from kati: six07, retto01 [LINK]
[~2]*traded hamster17 and purify02 for odyssey14 andz zero09 with dove: [LINK]
[~1]*traded badges02 for eleven18 with lita: [LINK]

[~2]*traded machine20 and wickedeye11 for zero20 and prophecy02 with aletha: [LINK]
[~1]*traded moonlight03 for bigpuppy19 with christy: [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: fishcakes07, abel15, rasetsu06, immortal05, emotions09 [LINK]
[+6]*received from game: pasta03, ironheart05, cadet09, bracelets11, better04, valentines05 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: blunt03, padlock09, satisfaction01, bench09 [LINK]


[+1]*received from senren: cetra15 [LINK]
[~1]*traded forensics06 for one08 with jen: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: g-1203, logic15, france13, rival17 [LINK]
[~2]*traded apos15 and conquer06 for uncle03 and pigeon03 with ember: [LINK]
[+1]*received from ember: mantis04 [LINK]

[~1]*traded blaster09 for rival10 with narwhal: [LINK]
[~3]*traded mercurial12, gravity18 and sevendays20 for prophecy04, agna01 and swordia19 with abyss: [LINK]
[+1]*received from abyss: worldchain16 [LINK]
[~1]*traded france13 for admin02 with AL: [LINK]

[+8]*received from game: rebel01, aug2312, earthshaker08, kiss17, itako11, paralysis13, 80pitches16, icefairy01 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: 1815, innocent03 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: chartreux14, edelwiess12, rat13, tongue10, finland06 [LINK]
[~2]*traded cure03 and elemio09 for odyssey18 and affinity15 with senren: [LINK]
[-1]*gave to lorekky: finland08 [LINK]

[+3]*received from game: time16, page05, concealed05 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: perfect01, rocker20, bowwow16 [LINK]
[+4(+2c)]*received from artshop: shaolin05, aurora19, actress10, moonflute01 [LINK]
[+6(+1c)]*received from game: average10, nude02, windor05, eyepatches20, short15, incivil05 [LINK]
[~1]*traded dresses10 for vintage17 with Sky: [LINK]
[+6]*received from game: descendant08, alternate17, rosetta20, anty17, inherited18, soloship01 [LINK]

[~1]*traded inherited18 for avarice05 with january: [LINK]
[~2]*traded incivil05 and melodrama06 for bench10 and bench20 with arianne: [LINK]
[~2]*traded eyepatches20 and scientists01 for prophecy05 and odyssey15 with ly: [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: dorssian05, gangster04 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: queen19, ridiculous05 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to fishcakes07 to Darius: [LINK]
[+6(+2c)]*received from levels: wizard20, squats01, seja11, tsuntsun04, cheater02, spirits02 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to game: rip-off13 [LINK]

[~2]*traded shimabara16 and newspaper03 for bench14 and swordia09 with melissa: [LINK]
[+1]*received from melissa: bench11 [LINK]
[+6]*received from recycling: bearanima05, bench17, cetra11, lionheart05, piercing19, guns17 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: nindou07, tea10, mission01 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to sami: moscow19 [LINK]

[+6]*received from recycling: surfing02, surfing19, mugen19, mugen08, orange12, chronicle10 [LINK]
[+5]*received from recycling: sirix18, detective12, bench09, royalty10, saga10 [LINK]

[+10(+1c)]*received from game: ragnell08, cat20, littleevil08, gekokujou16, harmonixer14, petal13, beaker08, octopus05, shadaloo09, motorcycle16 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: byakko04, marksman17 [LINK]
[+12(+1c)]*received from game: ideya05, wakawaka09, literature18, shouryuuken03, demonking12, fuyu14, proxy08, cherry04, megadrive08, spiritmagic12, curesunny08, cockroaches03 [LINK]
[+28(+1c)]*received from Pot of Gold: hunt14, hadouken08, basil10, var05, animus04, jaganshi04, helmsman15, angra10, cobra13, mu12, dukedom05, davinci16, harmonixer07, saillune03, petshop10, demoneyes01, echo06, singer13, daathic16, fantail02, howl02, goodcop09, clever15, bag09, 20th17, deer05, anty17, baudelaire16 [LINK]
[~1c]*traded green crayon for allmeans02 with cendol: [LINK]
[+13]*received from april releases: allmeans01, kazu11, megu04, villagerb06, stride05, straydog17, code0320, hoodie04, satan01, metalrod18, crimea13, headphones16, sawashirom10, logout14 [LINK]
[~1]*traded villagerb06 for allmeans18 with lizzy: [LINK]
[~3]*traded eleven18, rival10, rival17 for fishanima04, vincent04, kindhearted15 with kazu: [LINK]
[~1[*traded megu04 for allmeans15 with laurant: [LINK]
[~5]*traded straydog17, code0320, hoodie04, kazu11, metalrod18 for squats17, spiritmagic09, spiritmagic18, shinen11, allmeas20 with kazu: [LINK]
[~1]*traded icefairy01 for odyssey08 with cendol: [LINK]
[~1]*traded fantail02 for ares01 with kiri: [LINK]
[~2]*traded cherry04, logic15 and dragon18 for sword10, allmeans04 and mooncell19 with dani: [LINK]
[~1]*traded tactless07 for 77720 with reneetwist: [LINK]
[+3(+1c)]*received from levels: maniac06, orbs19, judge03 [LINK]
[+3]*received form game: leftover07, miracles07, code0617 [LINK]

[~1]*traded stylist17 for allmeans06 with kiss: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: allmate17, memorized18, elemia12, gawrsh18 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: hardworking09, first12, instinct08 [LINK]
[~1]*traded literature18 for allmeans03 with shiny: [LINK]
[+1]*received from ember: aries03 [LINK]
[~2]*traded bartender07 and code0617 for knife18 and unwritten16 with ember: [LINK]
[+1]*received from recycling: bench03 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: wakening10, galearc20, florence13, burn09 [LINK]

[~1]*traded hunt14 for touchthis08 with Lila: [LINK]
[~1]*traded allmate17 for bloody07 with abyss: [LINK]
[+3(+1c)]*received from donating deck: romance19, niave14, kaitou20 [LINK]
[+3]*received from donating card: fightgod08, broom07, badfuture04 [LINK]
[+3(+1c)]*received from donating deck: envious18, curry17, nanodesu19 [LINK]
[+3]*received from donating card: guard18, hyperion02, nyaa19 [LINK]
[~1]*traded judge03 for bench16 with pam: [LINK]
[~1]*traded curesunny08 for deathzone02 with chives: [LINK]
[+1]*received from allmia: wizard06 [LINK]
[~2]*traded bio-weapon01 and basil0 for twisted13 and datadrain14 with allmia: [LINK]
[~3]*traded acrobatics09, gekokujou16, wakawaka09 for summoner13, piercing06, ragnell03 with abyss: [LINK]
[~1]*traded saillune03 for swordia12 with harukami: [LINK]

[-1]*gave to game: newton16 [LINK]

[+2]*received from game: funeral20, world-class19 [LINK]
[~1]*traded burn09 for bench08 with dialny: [LINK]
[~1]*traded precipices15 for satan08 with ly: [LINK]
[~1]*traded shy12 for round05 with netbug: [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: seireiden03, allmate13, coroner06, ccarayuhua11, soyokaze19 [LINK]
[~1]*traded stride05 for allmeans10 with lin: [LINK]
[~2]*traded companions19, elemia12 for odyssey03 and ares09 with laurant: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: eyepatch07, cakepig08, youmu14, quack16 [LINK]

[+3]*received from game: lightside19, question19, imitating18 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: cybermedic09, alcohol11, heretic04, dollie15 [LINK]
[+10]*received from recycling: adeptrogue06, admin13, bench05, littledevil08, mugen17, darkside10, prophecy08, prophecy10, prophecy13, prophecy18 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: appearance17, muscles05, acchan14 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: dragunov11, zangetsu20, punisher14, beast09, ironfist06 [LINK]
[-1]*gave punisher17 to kairi: [LINK]
[~1]*traded miracles07 for peachpie16 with pikari: [LINK]
[+1]*received freedom13 from pikari: [LINK]
[~1]*traded naive14 for prophecy12 with hijiri: [LINK]
[~4]*traded echo06, hyperion02, singer13, acchan14 for ares13, information01, magedom07, magedom19 with jen: [LINK]

[+2]*received from game: lunar05, systems07 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: bold02, chasing01 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: starter02, flare05 [LINK]
[~1]*traded allmate13 for allmeans13 with abyss: [LINK]
[~1]*traded descendant08 for bigpuppy13 with al: [LINK]

[~1]*traded freedom13 for twisted04 with pam: [LINK]
[~1]*traded bracelets11 for prince08 with kazu: [LINK]
[~4]*traded 80pitches16, bofu05, grafeisen10, megadrive08 for assertive16, bench13, chronicle05 and prophecy06 with sammich: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: saiyawoman18, blackrabbit17, gouf08, knives06 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: magnet07, meganekko04, shepherds17, prima01 [LINK]
[+6]*received from rea: acchan08, banana03, salmon17, smoke02, smoke12, tsuntsun12 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: engrish10, chibipuri02, offense14 [LINK]
[~1]*traded moonflute01 for allmeans17 with len: [LINK]
[-3]*gave to kazu: salmon17, information01, gouf08 [LINK]
[-2]*gave to game: okikurumi02, execute06 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to muri: magnet07 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to shar: octopus05 [LINK]
[-1]*gave to trinam: cakepig08 [LINK]
[-12]*gave to art studio: anty17, anty17, artist10, cheater02, davinci16, ditzy13, offense14, orbs19, pig19, pinkbow17, pyrokinesis14, ridiculous05 [LINK]
[~1]*traded byakko04 for allmeans05 with arisa: [LINK]

[+6(+3c)]*received from art shop: reshbal18, firstson05, wealthy07, responsible06, regret04, debonair15 [LINK]
[~1]*traded gangster04 for choice11 with archer: [LINK]
[~1]*traded nude02 for temptress09 with lila: [LINK]

[-1]*gave to game: angra10 [LINK]

[~1]*traded 2-a01 for prophecy15 with delitan: [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: shingetsu05, empty18, squirrel09, seashells10, devious17 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: outdated09, angra13, spirited03, furniture16, bikes14 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: mafiaboss14, hamster01, calnus02, harihara10, onlyreason20 [LINK]
[~2]*traded rosetta07 and rosetta20 for admin04 and mechanic02 with lila: [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: hyperactive02, cursedtwin18, disninfect20 [LINK]
[~3]*traded instinct08, imitating18, dorssian05 for memorized05, juniorjr13, bloody20 with yun: [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: scythe05, sawashirom14 [LINK]
[+6(+1c)]*received from game: irregulars12, corn18, mysteries19, bear13, guidance15, usashrine13 [LINK]
[-12]*gave to yun: animus04, bishoujo10, ccarayhua11, cockroaches03, coroner06, cybermedic09, daddypon09, engrish10, harihara10, hyperactive02, meganekko04, moderator16 [LINK]
[~3]*traded hide03, regret04, dollie14 for prophecy01, ghibli18, 77708 with nat: [LINK]
[~1]*traded hadouken07 for allmeans09 with joyce: [LINK]
[~2]*traded g-1203 and g-8909 for icolo12 and legal12 with yun: [LINK]
[+1]*received from yun: kodama18 [LINK]

[-4]*gave to pot of gold: 1815, blunt03, deer05, padlock09 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: unorthodox09, friend04, crows10, ink03 [LINK]
[+10(+1c)]*received from game: kyudo17, dynamite02, demonqueen13, birthright03, position004, zanbatou04, bicycle01, adore10, attached17 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: kamatari18, villain03, aquarium10 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: gentleman13, taijutsu13, gryphon07 [LINK]
[+1]*received from kazu: shinen16 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: shadows19, plunder10, 4minutes06 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: pasta15, purpose08, gladiator02, chernabog11 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: liberation14, solarhands13 [LINK]
[~3]*traded starter02, heaven20, legendary09 for shinen14, ares07, zanarkand13 with stareyes: [LINK]

[+5]*received from game: misfortune17, redking16, nurturing05, accounts04, defender12 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: badfuture03, chimera01, clocks20, ryuuseiken15, sympathetic15 [LINK]
[~1]*traded redking16 for kailu10 with kazu: [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: gambler13, saluki05, persistent16 [LINK]
[~1]*traded youmu14 for prophecy20 with aeris: [LINK]
[~1]*traded swallow15 for squats06 with liz: [LINK]
[~3]*traded edelweiss12, oddjobs15 and var05 for piglet07, pikohan01 and nanoda01 with noxie: [LINK]
[~1]*traded actress10 for vintage10 with yun: [LINK]

[+4]*received from art studio: bench02, bench15, bench18, bench19 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: american05, futuring16, denmark09, haraezuki17, scuro14 [LINK]
[~1]*traded gambler13 for avarice20 with kiri: [LINK]
[~5]*traded ciassu03, first12, tsuntsun04, tsuntsun12, zangetsu20 for peachpie19, sopheria12, spiritmagic08, 20million13, rhythmia10 with kiss: [LINK]
[+4]*received from yun: bench04, bench06, bench07, bench12 [LINK]
[~1]*traded muscles05 for peachpie07 with kiri: [LINK]
[+2]*received from kiri: peach15, peachpie17 [LINK]
[~3]*traded furniture16, tao06, usashrine13 for odyssey05, odyssey10, tertium17 with anna: [LINK]
[~1]*traded villain08 for knightmare18 with al: [LINK]


[+3(+1c)]*received from mastered deck(bench): fakehero20, lighter06, squats20 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: libra07, cinema03, earnest14, eggs19 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: lancecorp03, restaurant10, veda02, t-shirt20 [LINK]
[+52(+1c)]*received from pot of gold: cr-s0105, visions15, chibipuri04, peterpan02, acchan20, stinger14, freshgreen15, pickpocket19, queen12, haunt03, porcupine11, strikers03, motorcycle12, cureberry12, destruction03, vassal03, overclock20, physician16, izumo07, lure20, lenster03, infinity11, ladle13, addiction08, touchthis05, actor04, kiyohime10, listener19, brains06, surgeon08, accounts18, 30yearsold17, sablier08, forward16, hardworking18, 66819, kindhearted03, baudelaire09, baldy08, marionette19, rat14, founder11, azuresea02, forward01, detonator03, flawless17, lionheart09, empathy09, fantail08, icecream16, grafeisen09, cups11 [LINK]
[~1]*traded cr-s0105 for tristan17 with kazu: [LINK]
[~1]*traded dragunov11 for ares20 with aeris: [LINK]
[~1]*traded surgeon08 for orenji13 with muri: [LINK]
[~1]*traded brains06 for nanoda07 with aeris: [LINK]

[~1]*traded seashells10 for satan07 with lila: [LINK]
[~1]*traded infinity11 for razorleaf16 with ralene: [LINK]
[~1]*traded a grey crayon for lovestruck14 with chives: [LINK]
[~1]*traded acchan20 for pikohan06 with jen: [LINK]
[~2]*traded 66819 and cinema03 for world-class09 and usagimimi04 with melissa: [LINK]
[~3]*traded freshgreen15, futuring15, rocker20? for admin12, merman02 and one16 with adina: [LINK]
[~2]*traded fantail08, hardworking09 for adeptrogue07, magedom03 with ten: [LINK]
[~2]*traded empathy09 and sablier08 for satan10 and vincent01 with hijiri: [LINK]
[~3]*traded chibipuri02, banana03, guidance15 for swords10, zero18 and renegade16 with ember: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: meganekko14, yuki-onna04, slacker10, curepeach09 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: speak07, sensor10, royalguard03 [LINK]
[~2]*traded purpose08 and cureberry12 for windor01 and girl16 with ralene: [LINK]
[~14]*traded guns17, adore10, alternate17, disinfect20, eggs19, knives06, lenster03, mafiaboss14, marionette19, permafrost06, prima01, speak07, ulster17, vassal03 for surfing14, surfing17, memorybug03, exsphere11, exsphere17, tsubasa01, unlimited15, unlimited20, redtower06, useless03, klutz04, tristan02, gear09, firstaid06 with ten: [LINK]
[-8]*gave to claire: jaganshi04, dynamite02, fuyu14, mission01, rat13, rat14, shingetsu05, littleevil08 [LINK]

[~3]*traded red18, icecream16, self-help18 for girl04, stress15, and godknows04 with caitie: [LINK]
[+3]*received from donating card: atlas01, soba08, ambrosia19 [LINK]
[+3]*received from donating card: classrep11, tuna06, gatekeeper12 [LINK]

[+10]*received from recycling: ares14, basketballs05, basketballs13, bench07, introvert07, legal08, legal18, littlepuppy05, monta12, shinen12 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: hungary11, kitsune17 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: anima20, gangster07, claymore01 [LINK]
[+34(+10c)]*received from game: yourhonor11, gianthornet13, skilled04, strawberry11, advisor03, lollipops15, blitzball04, lacytanga20, ploys19, chain11, phones01, tonkotsu20, herbblends12, krisna01, oracle14, butt03, grin11, spatial02, moron01, blacklion20, convict13, buchou17, orange09, phazon19, nightmare17, merak08, nerv06, sagittarius12, ironheart09, honor13, hopeless13, symbologist12, doujutsu14, maidcafe13 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: varnani01, roadroller14, eyes03, stories15 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: spotted05, strict17, temperance05 [LINK]
[+6]*received from game: kirakira18, demonrose12, akagami07, loyal11, emptiness13, commandant06 [LINK]
[+13]*received from may releases: liaison07, crossfire04, highland09, goofy08, rejection03, observer13, evenodd08, duel14, vivace17, potential05, kimurar18, soldiers13, prophecy07 [LINK]
[~1]*traded liaison07 for potential01 with aria: [LINK]
[~1]*traded highland09 for potential03 with em: [LINK]
[~1]*traded vivace17 for potenial16 with takane: [LINK]
[~1]*traded rejection03 for potenital09 with noxie: [LINK]
[~1]*traded beatjumper17 for potential12 with arisa: [LINK]
[~4]*traded convict13, calnus02, calnus05 and symbologist12 for vincent13, piglet15, galearc11 and color03 with lorekky: [LINK]

[~2]*traded curepeach09 and beast09 for vintage12 and mechanical12 with liz: [LINK]
[~1]*traded kitsune17 for 20million11 with kat: [LINK]
[~6]*traded appearance17, musicboxes04, oracle14, pomegranate08, strawberry11, curehappy03 for stress02, sorry07, fists02, firstaid20, blades15 and world-class06 with ralene: [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: kindness12, medicans01 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: secondlife07, jokes01 [LINK]
[+25]*received from game: desserts03, galearc19, blessed17, digipad07, fruitist13, whitestorm01, phoenic18, irregulars05, magicaltoy13, nullify09, hungary12, roleplay08, curesword15, dna06, lateshift15, ploys07, curehappy03, suna-suna08, lavaorb11, oldest08, spain11, acrobat09, coo17, granddream20, inlove17 [LINK]
[~4]*traded gangster07, lacytanga20, tuna06, veda02 for canaan10, one04, renegade10, scarves18 with sami: [LINK]
[~1]*traded crossfire04 for potential02 with laurant: [LINK]
[~1]*traded goofy08 for potential04 with raven: [LINK]
[~2c]*traded two brown crayons for potential20 and change20 with nea: [LINK]
[~2]*traded sawashirom14, bold02 for potential06 and change08 with pikari: [LINK]

[~4]*traded claymore01, curesword15, emptiness13, heretic04 for memorybug04, memorybug09, oceanwave11, worthless14 with delitan: [LINK]
[~3]*traded observer13, evenodd08, duel14 for change11, change11, and hishinunit20 with kazu: [LINK]
[+9(+3c)]*received from donating 3 decks: sin14, rubber17, diepencil01, schemer17, almakinan06, mascot10, health-care09, farseer09, hypermonk08 [LINK]
[~1]*traded reshbal18 for potential17 with kat: [LINK]
[~1[*traded haraezuki17 for adeptrogue15 with mazoku: [LINK]
[+10]*received from recylcing: 20faces13, besek01, oceanwave12, bravior10, bravior20, pigeons05, lightside10, trinisette03, versicolor19, villains20 [LINK]
[+10]*received from recycling: apollo06, blindfold06, blindfold20, fulfill05, touchthis12, winter01, winter10, winter12, winter14, winter20 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: insomnia02, afternoons18, straw20, worker14, prodigal08 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: collector14, curtain15, worthy14 [LINK]
[~1(4c)]*traded grin11 and 4 crayons for odyssey07, shinen03, satan03, alliance07 and squats14 with kazu: [LINK]
[~4]*traded claymore01, hungary11, hungary12, lateshift15, spain11 for kendama18, renegade15, touch19, worldchain19 with nat: [LINK]

[~3]*traded nullify09, oldest08, petal13 for kiseru11, hymn05, noproblem16 with kati: [LINK]
[~4]*traded coo17, queen12, queen19, zanbatou04 for chairman08, chairman14, logout16, one18 with reneetwist: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: makai13, neptune07, devotion07, volleyball18 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: twirl16, villain12, nobility02, gaebolg07 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: cinqfleches13, master10, miasma04, whitemouse09 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: science03, catpaw16, pug18 [LINK]
[~1]*traded stinger14 for bloody15 with sammich: [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: blooming03, masochist06 [LINK]
[~2]*traded ironheart09, protect09 for agriculture04, agna04 with mal: [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: birthright06, dna19, kazu14, four07 [LINK]
[+5]*received from game: tristan04, frozen10, poppo12, foxmagic09, ki14 [LINK]
[+2]*received from game: optimistic02, makochi07 [LINK]
[+6(+1c)]*received from game: kyotouryuu01, liladan02, stapler13, kissing17, bravery07, eris06 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: bamboo05, barrieria08, ostia02 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: trailblazer03, bikinis05, sinnoh13 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: somnians11, babyfox03, symbologist16 [LINK]
[+3]*received from game: draculina18, cuteness06, mermaid13 [LINK]
[+4]*received from game: yoshinon16, thorn18, novice06, primera20 [LINK]
[~1]*traded herbblaneds12 for legal09 with ember: [LINK]
[+12]*received from game: dubhe11, ghostlock08, gears03, rebelspark12, disinfect05, curemuse13, homicide19, seventeen16, cinema16, skirt19, talking08, pyschology06 [LINK]
[+10(+2c)*received from game: male06, gaudy03, julia01, redeyed08, softball14, fisttype16, kita05, guard13, accurate14, insurance14 [LINK]

[~2]*traded founder11 and ironheart05 for sirix03 and sirrix12 with AL: [LINK]


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